Michael Maciejewski

Multimedia Apps, Programming, Mp3, Music, Video, Youtube, Multimedia Software Applications.


I am an expert in Programming and Article writing. My focus is the conversion of Youtube to Mp3, an Multimedia Software Application to download Youtube Videos or from other Streaming Sites like this. Dailymotion, Vevo, AOL, TWITTER, Goolge Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Metacafe and many more Multimedia Streaming Sites.

This needs knowledge of Programming Skills in PHP, Javascript and HTML. With exact information from the backend of Youtube can be done the conversion System. All the information that I have collected can I give you. You can read about and use my converter System. You will be happy with this.


YouTube-MP3.me in French Translation

Born: 1985-02-12
Home Location: Braunschweig
Nationality: German
Author of: Youtube-MP3.me
Creator of: Youtube-MP3.me

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