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Do you want to download a YouTube video in MP3 format?

Youtube MP3 Converter is a fast and free online Youtube converter service. With that, you can convert a Youtube video into an mp3 file. You can also choose another format such as MP4, WebM, 3GP, F4V, AAC or M4A.

Go to our converter and copy and paste an address from a Youtube video to download it to MP3

If you need to download a video from another site. We also support Twitter, Instagram, Vevo, Google Drive, Dailymotion, AOL, Facebook, VK, Metacafe, Soundcloud, Vimeo.

What is a YouTube converter?

This tool can be used to download complete videos or YouTube’s favorite song. Why is it practical? There is not always enough internet to go directly to the video platform. In this case, it would be really nice to have the new tutorial or the classical music piece directly on the phone or on a laptop. Youtube MP3 Converter allows independence from the platform, allowing you to enjoy fun clips or rock songs anytime, anywhere, even without Wi-Fi.

There are different solutions for this, for example via the installation of a software or a browser add-on. On the site but you only need the YouTube link, choose the desired file format and you are there.

A YouTube converter is a utility that lets you download the latest songs, your favorite videos, your entertainment channels, useful tutorials and convert them to the format you prefer. YouTube broadcasts free videos 24 hours a day. Without an Internet connection, however, nothing works. No reception on the train? Intermission. Feed the good old MP3 player? No. This is what YouTube converters do: download images and sound from YouTube, convert them to the format of your choice, and save them to your computer. With a YouTube converter, you decide when you watch your favorite videos and where you hear your favorite songs.

How does a YouTube Converter work?

In fact, all free and paid YouTube converters work the same way: you select a YouTube video and the program downloads it for you. Most tools only need the YouTube address of the video, others even add convenient download buttons to the browser. What lands on your computer, you decide – the entire video, including the sound or just the audio track.

How is Youtube MP3 Converter different?

Youtube MP3 Converter comes in many different forms and many of them are available for free. Completely without installation, the download is done on on the stage: you simply enter the desired YouTube address – it’s done. The video will be automatically converted and published for download.

Another option is to install standalone software on your PC, which will allow you to convert videos directly from YouTube. Most of these programs have a larger scope and you can use them for example. even create download lists and automatically download YouTube playlists. However, this also implies more installation, including the risk of installing additional potentially dangerous software.

However, browser add-ons, such as , offer the most comfortable solution for downloading videos from YouTube: you will find all the features directly in the browser, no annoying switching between websites and windows software. Just select the video you want, press and download the button. Small drawback: some add-ons also make the detour via an additional website.
Youtube MP3 Converter in action

But it’s different with . As it’s simple, we’ll show you a guide.

After adding the tool to your browser, you can download videos directly from YouTube. The decision is up to you: you can download the video in full or as needed only the soundtrack in MP3 format.
Screenshot of a YouTube video with the browser add-on, where a file format can be selected

We decide here for example for the pure MP3 download. The add-on automatically starts immediately after a click to download the video of your choice and convert it to an MP3 file. A status bar tells you at a glance how long the process will take – but most of the time, it is done very quickly.
Screenshot of a YouTube video with the browser add-on, where a status bar indicates the video conversion process

Moments later, it’s over: the YouTube video has been converted and can be downloaded. Another click is enough and the file lands on your computer. Fast learning, easy – thanks to the large number of free YouTube converters, downloading your favorite videos and songs in an instant and listening to them everywhere is no problem.

Why is no installation necessary for Youtube MP3 Converter?

If you use a YouTube converter via a website to download your videos and songs, you will not have anything to install. Just copy and paste the address of your desired YouTube video – the rest takes over. Depending on the length of the video, the download is fast on your computer or smartphone. So you do not have to spend time installing or worrying about uninstalling, and you just need the browser of your choice. It’s not only safe, but also free.
How can you convert your files even faster?

Using the YouTube converter on a website is very quick and easy. But it goes even faster – with a so-called browser add-on (for example, MP3 Youtube). Overall, these add-ons are probably the most practical solution for downloading videos. If you surf on YouTube, you can directly download the corresponding video via a button – without having to copy a URL and paste it to an external website.
Add-On Website (
+ easy
+ of course
+ no installation + the simplest and fastest method
+ Additional functions (eg AdBlocker)
– Installation required

is part of the “straightforward” add-ons via an external website: it must be installed, but without additional software – you only need an Internet browser to access it. Currently, only the very popular Firefox browser can be used, but a solution for Google Chrome and other alternatives is already in development.

What should I look for when converting YouTube videos

In short, it can be said that only the video or audio file is downloaded. Because, as in other places on the Internet, where you can download something, there are also dubious bad guys when converting YouTube videos, which you want to subordinate to the extra file, unnecessary files.

This happens, for example, with programs that pay money to the site operator, but only slow down your computer – or even compromise it. We also know the “pop-ups”, which open after surfing the page – and promise you as a so-called user a lot of money.

You have no problem with us either: nothing should be installed so that no unnecessary extra program can be installed. And there are no pop-ups, otherwise you would have noticed it ?

What output formats are available for conversion?

You have the choice of several audio formats. Especially, of course, the most well known and widespread MP3 format, which is now almost synonymous with portable music. There is also an AAC format, a format to be known mostly by Apple product users, as used in the iTunes Store. Even the classic Windows WAV is selectable. There are well-known video formats such as MP4, FLV or AVI.

Audio formats Video formats
mp3, aac, ogg, m4a, opus, wav, mp4, flv, ogg, webm, mkv, avi

Is there a relationship between the size and quality of the audio file?

This basically applies: the smaller the file size, the poorer the quality. But you should not think now that a small file automatically means that you get a bad quality and an ugly song, where the voice is not rudimentary to hear. It should be noted that when you reduce the file size, some audio signals are deleted.

However, an adult human can not hear all the sounds. Most people have the lowest audible frequency between 16 and 21 Hz and the highest frequency between 16,000 and 19,000 Hertz. Some of these frequencies are outside these limits and are therefore not technically represented. So a good quality song can still be heard, but it will continue to fit on one of your records.

Does using a YouTube converter result in a loss of quality?

Crack, scratch, whistle, flicker – noise and poor quality can significantly affect the enjoyment of songs and videos. That’s why it makes sense right from the start to make sure you download good quality pictures and sound. Of course, this also applies when using a YouTube converter. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of a YouTube downloader.
The most important is the output quality

The output quality of the YouTube video is decisive for all subsequent steps. If the video has already been loaded with sound errors or flickering, Youtube MP3 Converter can not do anything about it. You will download the same bugs and the same sound, regardless of the format or resolution of your choice. Therefore, if there are different versions of your desired video on YouTube, try them out, compare them, and choose the highest quality video.

If the video on YouTube is good enough, your listening pleasure is no longer an obstacle. In order for Youtube MP3 Converter to generally use itself to save the current compression methods, a noticeable loss of quality is not to be feared with a reasonable source material. You can not download more than the original video gives. Better quality than YouTube can not be achieved with a converter.
Avoid lossless formats

Do not forget that YouTube automatically compresses all audio files. Thus, if a user downloads a soundtrack in FLAC format without loss, it will still be compressed when uploading to YouTube. Although the video platform uses an advanced compression method, the actual CD quality does not allow download downloads from YouTube. Avoid storing audio from YouTube in FLAC format (or other lossless, data-hungry formats): quality can not improve because the source (the YouTube video itself) has already a loss. The only effect is that the file takes up a useless amount of disk space.

Which format is best for me?

First, it depends on the file you download. On YouTube, you’ll find high-quality recordings, such as a singer’s video clip, but also shaky mobile videos from the appearance of the last group in your hometown. Unfortunately, the converter can not do magic, which is why a bad recording can not become a masterpiece. In this case, it is interesting to select the original quality, that is to say the format that also contains the original file.

Second, the question is what type of user are you. For example, if you want your music to be downloaded to your phone to motivate you, you should pay attention to the file size. You wait about 10 MB per minute for the mobile memory card to quickly reach its limits. In the case of a smartphone, the MP3 format is sufficient. The situation is different if you prefer to listen to music at home and have a good music system. In this case, it is worth selecting the best sound quality. With the YouTube converter, it would be the WAV format.

In addition, you need to be careful about whether your device can read the format. MP3 can now handle almost any device, in an ogg format, it may look different.

Are the YouTube terms of use applicable to me?

Like any other company, YouTube has terms and conditions that constitute the contractual relationship between YouTube and you as a user. A section also describes uploading / saving YouTube feeds. The part in question is:

“11.2 For no other purpose, the content of YouTube may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced, distributed, broadcast, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed or otherwise exploited without the prior written permission of YouTube. expressly granted rights to and with YouTube’s content.

However, these terms and conditions only apply if you have already registered as a user on YouTube. Without registering with your own YouTube user account, you have not agreed to the terms and conditions or other terms of use. You’re on the safe side if you sign out of YouTube before downloading a video. In addition, according to the well-known law firm WBS Media Law, the company YouTube does not exist any procedure for individuals who use a converter.

Are there any copyright issues?

Basically no, because the right to private copying applies. So, if you only enjoy your privately uploaded YouTube videos without sharing or selling them to others, that’s not a problem. Typically, you can upload your private copy to all your devices until you share it with others. It’s only when you use songs downloaded from YouTube for your work as a DJ that it becomes more complicated.

What is not allowed:
– illegal platforms (YouTube is a legal platform)
– bypass protective measures (YouTube videos are freely accessible)
– share downloaded content with other people (private use is not a problem)

Uploading videos or soundtracks is legal because YouTube is not an illegal offer and is therefore required to remove copyright infringing downloads. Because for many users, it is difficult to evaluate the defined content without the consent of their authors, because many providers use the platform legally for marketing purposes (and, for example, free music hits). In addition, in general: YouTube has all videos freely accessible and no protection measures are bypassed (which would be illegal). As a result, there are no criminal cases or known judgments about this.

Update: Youtube is currently blocking the Server IP`s in a few Minutes. So the conversion will not work after this block and will be reactivate after 12 hours of waiting time, when this blocked IP will not send a conversion Url to Youtube. We are working to fix this problem and will inform you.

Author: Michael Maciejewski

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